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The Fishing Edge The Captain Paul’s Fishing Edge of GPS Waypoints are files that transmitted as a attachment to an email. This attachment is then imported into the purchaser’s brand-specific mapping program, and then electronically downloaded into the purchaser’s GPS unit, via a GPS/Computer connection.

Fishing EDGE $24.95 Click to enlarge The CAPTAIN PAUL'S GPS SYSTEMS, FISHING EDGE files are a Copyrighted Document. You are given permission to use the program for your personal use. It is a violation of State and Federal law to copy, distribute, re-distribute, trade or sell the product with out the expressed permission of Captain Paul’s GPS Systems, LLC.

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GPS questions answered on-line

Internet users of web site are now able to tap into a WEALTH of GPS information and get all their answers FREE

Just post your question, on this "Ask Captain Paul GPS Info" page. Captain Paul Titus will respond at his earliest convenience. Your answer will be added to your initial post.

Captain Paul has studied and used GPS since 1994. He has established an ever-growing database that currently has more than 8,000 waypoints in and around Louisiana. He has conducted over 30 seminars, instructing anglers and hunters how to make better use of their GPS units. Since July of 2000 Captain Paul has answered well over 2000 questions on GPS positions, use and functions. Some of the posted questions originated from as far away as London, England.

If you want to get the most out of your GPS unit, or if you want to know exactly where locations such as Saturday Island, or the exact latitude - longitude coordinates for your favorite duck pond or where land locked Sally Miller Pond is in the Pearl River WMA is located, enter your post here.

Best of all there is no charge for the service!

E-Mail direct for assistance.

If you are requesting GPS coordinates from Capt. Paul, please describe the general area of the request. Because there are numerous locations in Louisiana that have the same local names, a brief description will help. For instance, there are at least 15 Grand Bayous in Louisiana. However, there is only one Grand Bayou, out of Port Sulphur.

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